What is Relational Horsemanship?

With Relational Horsemanship we seek Gods guidance regarding the horses uniquely designed nature and psychology so that we can have clear communication and understanding. Perhaps an even better term than horsemanship is Horse and Man in Relationship.  God has revealed a lot of truths about our relationship to Him through this Horse and Man Relationship and through the way horses communicate with each other.  


There are 3 main focuses of Relational Horsemanship. 



Friendship ~ Leadership ~ Partnership


By showing love and developing trust we offer FRIENDSHIP. Thru clear teaching the horse sees we have a good plan to prosper him and not to harm him and thus gives us LEADERSHIP.  As the friendship and leadership continues to grow thru understanding and communication we are able to have true PARTNERSHIP and bring both horse and human gifting's to greatest potential, therefore, showing God's design and glory.


When you develop a partnership with this beautiful animal they actually have as much fun being with you as you do with them.  We learn to communicate and earn their respect.  Willing partnership and obedience from a horse is much more beneficial and fun for you and your horse than forced obedience.



~ The horse is prepared for the day of battle,

But deliverance is of the LORD. ~

Proverbs 21:31



God uses Horses To Show us:


Love, Peace, Hope, Joy, Goodness, Compassion, Healing, and His desire for Relationship


We utilize Relational Horsemanship To Teach:


•Self Control







•Faithfulness to build lasting relationships 

•Focus & Memorization


•Importance of Positive Communication

•Positive Social Relationships

•Striving for Excellence



"Once you have a language with your horse, you can ask him to do almost anything... and you'll never have to train him again" - Parelli


Horses can teach us a lot about communication and many life lessons. These skills can impact our personal, spiritual, and professional relationships for a lifetime.





Horses are all very unique creatures.  Each has its own personality, spirit, intelligence and levels of sensitivity.  They have fears and they struggle with loneliness if alone. They can develope attitudes and callousness by the way they are treated. They are like us in so many ways. We can learn from each other and the Master Horseman, our precious father and creator, God. Each of our horses at High Mountain is a testimony to this.  They are each unique in their personality.  This uniqueness allows them to partner with specific youth in very special ways.  

What is a horseman?

 The journey to becoming a Horseman may be one of the most challenging and rewarding ventures you will ever undertake. Its about developing yourself mentally, emotionally and physically, and becoming the kind of human your horse would respect, trust and admire. - Pat Parelli


 A Horseman thinks like a horse. A Horseman understands the horse's perspective and does not blame him for behaving like a prey animal.  A horseman knows how to have special relationships with horses based on LOVE, TRUST and RESPECT. A horseman is a teacher for horses with unlimited patience. 


"Take one step at a time, one lesson at a time and one day at a time."

- John Lyons-