MEET & SUPPORT THE HORSES - our partners and friends.

Horses are the most important partner that Jesus has given us for reaching the hearts of all of our students. The High Mountain horses are God's 4-legged missionaries. They build trust and show God's love and acceptance to our students. We can not do it without them and they can not do it without partners like YOU! 


Just like God makes each of us unique, every horse is unique and reaches hearts for Jesus in their own special way. Take a few minutes to meet the horses of High Mountain and pick your favorite! Add your favorite horse to your prayer list and remember to pray that all those that come in contact with this horse will encounter Jesus in a new and deepening way. Also please consider becoming a full or partial sponsor by ADOPTING it. Becoming a part of our ADOPT-A-HORSE sponsor you care for a 4 legged missionary that then cares for numerous students. Sponsors will receive a special gift memento for their horse and regular updates on your horse and all the impact that you are making in students lives! 



            FULL SPONSOR - $200/month (will receive a handprinted desk statue of your horse after 4th month of giving)

            HALF SPONSOR $100/month  (will receive a handprinted desk statue of your horse after 8th month of giving)


Smoke is the matriarch of our herd. We've owned Smoke since 1998. She is now 24 years old. She is a beautiful American Paint horse that has blessed us with 3 amazing off-spring and 2 grand-children that are now a part of the High Mountain program.  She is a kind, confident leader within the herd but also very kind to students. Smoke has helped many students learn about horses and build their confidence. She is a very willing partner.


Angel is Smoke's first daughter. She is a 19 year old and also an American Paint Horse. She's  almost all all white with her cute li'l medicine hat and gentle but sensitive blue eyes. Her pink skin & light eyes require some special care. However, it often also gives her a special way of standing out and touching the lives of a child who also feels strangely unique.


Day-C is Smoke's second daughter born in 1999 and we are very blessed to have her as part of or family and the program.  She's gentle and loving but a bit bashful.  She helps students learn how to build trust. While she is bashful at first, once you earn her trust, she gives you her heart. She is athletic, strong and kind. 

Mr. Mouse

Mister Mouse is our newest 4 legged mission partner. He is a small Shetland Pony that is as cute as a kitten.  He came in with quite a bit of fear. He is making progress in learning trust. He requires students are calm and exercise self control when working with him. Everyone is already falling for his cuteness.  He's an excellent partner for smaller children, those with special needs, the elderly or those that are dealing with fears of their own.


Pete the "Maginficent" pony-horse is cherished by all who meet him. He's sassy, fun, and cute as can be. Pete is an Icelandic horse, Welsh pony cross. He is now about 24 years old with the heart of a teenager and the desire to be a racehorse. After a lifetime of teaching, he knows how to student's ability to lead the little herd of two. Yet he always does so with a fun loving attitude. One of his favorite past-times is to run really fast laps around the playground and pretend he's a thoroughbred.


Sadie is the first daughter of the beautiful Angel. Her father was a full quarter horse and she looks like her dad. She is one of the most light and sensitive horses that we have. She is quick to teach students excellence and how to exhibit true, kind, understanding leadership. She doesn't like to be "yelled at" thru intense or demanding body language. She responds willingly to confident, kind leadership. She's a special gem at High Mountain.


Katrina is a super loving and kind paint mare that is about 23 years old. She came to us feisty and flighty from the home where she lived without other horses for companionship. and was usually nervous but has transformed into a gentle and loving partner. While originally it was thought the would be a feisty, racing type, instead she is now a relaxing, massage loving teacher to the hurting.


PLAY PLAY PLAY! That is what Lexie is all about play. She is the second daughter of Angel and took on her mom's most playful and smart personality.She is also a paint horse and is 12 years old now.  Lexie loves to have fun & play with her human friends. She gets bored easily and so she helps students that need a faster pace or more challenge to have a great time! She loves to learn tricks and be the center of attention.  She is a princess.


Sermon is a very special partner for High Mountain and Christie the director. He is Smokes third and final foal. He's 12 years old and a very handsome fella. Sermon is used in special, inspiring demonstrations of Relational Horsemanship for the community and students. He is one of the most willing equine partners High Mountain has. He & Christie do a great job showing the strong results that are possible with the principles of Relational Horsemanship and honoring God in all you do.