Christina Schumacher - Original Co-founder, Executive Director, Horse Trainer, PATH Equine Specialist, Certified Horsemanship Level 3 Certified Riding & Safety Instructor, Chief Stall Mucker and Fence Repairwoman

Christina's passion for horses began at a young age when she watched The Black Stallion, read all the Farley books and every horse movie or book she could find. However, it was not possible for Christina to pursue this love and passion until much later in life. There were not even any nearby stables where she could, as she puts it "happily be a slave for the chance to be around them and learn".  


Hope deferred often grows and God made sure that it did. Even when she got her first job, at age of 18 as a groom for show horses, never in her wildest imagination did she even have an inkling that one day she would be doing what she is today. Her first horse ride, was on a rented trail horse where she was told, pull left and right to steer, kick to go and pull back to whoa and go have a good time.  Her head shakes as she thinks back on what could have ended disastrously.  Fortunately when a few of the rented horses didn't want to go, Christina had a natural ability to stick a seat and her love of them never allowed her to tolerate any abuse. She's come a very long ways since then. After doing it the way that many instructors had taught her but still feeling that a true connection was lacking she began studying. When she finally was able to purchase her first personal horse she was blessed to watch Monty Roberts and begin a journey of learning and understanding more about the horses true God-given nature. She pursued videos, books, auditing and clinics from many great horsemen and women. Some of her favorites that God has used to shape her understanding are John Lyons, Pat & Linda Parelli, Paul Daily, Clinton Anderson, Monty Roberts, Shy Boy but most of all the horses and God himself. She saw similarities, strengths and weaknesses in each horse trainers methods. Her  insights and innate "Why?" questioning along with the great love, passion and admiration for the horses all came together through the "Master Horseman's" guidance until Relational Horsemanship was boiled down to two key principles. Trust Me as Friend & Respect Me as Leader because I love you and I have a great plan to show all your potential.

Board of Directors

Mitch Schumacher - Original Co-Founder Board Member (Bio on Founder page) 

Ann Corso - Director, Secretary of Board - Liberated Hoofcare - a natural trim model farrier


Paul Baker - Directorr - Retired, US NAVY, Dept. of Corrections


Sara Parman - Director - Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner of Mental Health


Dennis Coil - Director - Veteran US ARMY & Reserves, Staff Supervisor at Barnabas Home

Stephanie Lynn Parker - Director - Home Executive, Amazing Mom of 4