Mitch and Christie Schumacher have had a strong love for horses all of their lives. This passion became more of a reality when they purchased their first personal horses in 1998. They studied non-abusive ways to work with horses to build strong relationship and strive to keep things as natural as possible, the way God designed the horses to communicate.

"The horse is one of God's most glorious creations. Their beauty, grace, sensitivity and strength are an incredible picture of God's handiwork. They take my breath away everyday. 


"God has transformed our lives, and continues to do so. In a way I cannot begin to describe, His forgiveness of our sins and passionate love for us has also taken my breath away. He has been gracious, kind and loving in ways I never knew were possible. The fact that God, the Creator of all things and King of the universe, wants to have a personal, loving relationship with me is astounding. To know I am valued, unique and that I have a divine purpose and an eternal destiny is so fulfilling and gives me joy to hold onto. We are so grateful for His abundant, daily love for us. Because He has been so loving to us we want to love Him back with all of our hearts and fulfill our purpose. We want others to know of His gracious love and desire to have an eternal relationship with them. Christ paid for my sins on the Cross so I could be forgiven and receive His gift of eternal life. For this, I can never repay Him."

-Christie Schumacher


Several years ago, Mitch and Christie felt a strong call on their lives to serve God in an even greater way. They began to ask God how He had designed them uniquely and how they could best serve Him through the gifts, talents, personality and desires He had placed within them individually and as a couple. God led them to a really great couple, Don & Elaine Lanier of Second Half Ministries (Navigators Outreach). Through a time of intense prayer and guided evaluation of their lives God revealed His Unique design and purpose for Mitch and Christie. They began to pray that God would open the doors to them serving Him in an outdoor adventure of relating, teaching and passing on the hope & healing of Jesus Christ through His creation, with the horse being one of their primary tools. They also wanted to pass on the example of a lifestyle and passion for Worship and help others see their uniqueness created by God, the Creator.


God led Mitch and Christie to the Appalachians of SouthEast Kentucky as their adventure with God continued. They became full-time volunteer North American Mission Board, Mission Service Corp missionaries that rely on God and His provision for their family. First serving in Harlan County, Kentucky, Mitch and Christie, along with their four children, were able to get to know and understand the heart and struggles of the people in this region of Kentucky. After developing an equestrian ministry there, through building facilities, caring for horses and increasing the awareness of the needs of this region, God began to do a new work with Mitch and Christie and prepared them to move on to another endeavor.

Now God has placed them in Jackson County, Kentucky. They are currently underway in developing and overseeing The High Mountain Equine Outreach to serve the community and pass on the love of Christ, with a special emphasis on youth at-risk, particularly the abused, neglected and troubled youth at The Barnabas Home.


"We continue to be amazed at God's faithfullness, love and His divine plan for our lives. We know we can trust Him because He has always been faithful. Throughout our lives, there have been ups and downs, times of plenty and times of struggle, times of happiness and times of sadness, yet, God has always been there to see us through. He has grown us, our faith and our character and transformed us in ways we could've never orchestrated. We love the wild adventure we are on with God and look forward to knowing Him more and more and seeing the ways that He will continue to grow us. Though it is not always easy, we KNOW HE has our best interest in mind because He loves us."

- Christie & Mitch


If you would like to be a partner in ministering to these youth and this region we invite you to support via prayer, giving or working alongside the Schumacher family and The High Mountain Horsemanship Outreach. This ministry and this family lives by faith in Christ and trust God to meet all needs. Please visit the Donate Now page of The High Mountain website.


"For all of those who support us through prayer, encouragement, volunteering with us, or gifts we PRAISE GOD and thank them for their sacrifice and obedience to God in partnering with this mission. We pray that their lives, businesses and families will be blessed and increase because of their gift to God and support of this outreach." 

- Mitch & Christie


Founders- The Schumachers. 

Mitch & Christie Schumacher SBC NAMB Missionaries,  Founders & Directors

Christie serves as Executive Director & Lead Instructor in all programs. She is certified as a Riding Instructor through Certified Horsemanship Association and an Equine Specialist certifying under PATH, Intl. and E3A

Mitch currently serves as the President of the Board of Directors.